Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

Marble Queen Pothos is one of the most popular plant and also easiest to take care of. It comes from the pothos plant family. Pothos are well known for it’s undemanding nature and durability. It is a perfect houseplant for beginners. Marble queen pothos’s glossy, leathery, heart shaped and unusual white & green colored leaves gives it a stunning look which can give your room/table a very distinctive look. You can also use marble queen pothos in hanging basket which brilliantly give a refreshing look to any room.

marble queen pothos

Botanical name of marble queen pothos is Epipremnum aureum. It is also known as “Devil’s Ivy”. It is known for it’s undemanding or low maintenance feature. It looks absolutely stunning as a table or hanging plant. They thrive in bright light conditions, however can also tolerate low lighting but direct sunlight must be avoided.

Usually, marble queen pothos take support and grow on poll or trellis. It can grow longer than 3 feets. Generally, pothos are easy to care and durable by nature. Most common pothos are golden pothos, neon pothos, silver satin, jade pothos, Hawaiian pothos and marble queen.

Marble queen pothos also known for it’s air purifying quality. A spot in your room with bright lighting conditions is perfect for it’s growth. It doesn’t require much care but taking care of some basic things can get you a stunning and thriving marble queen plant.

Marble Queen Pothos Care

Some instruction must be taken care regarding temperature, humidity, lighting, soil, water, etc. Following these instructions will help you to grow a healthy, thriving and stunning plant in your house.

marble queen pothos

Lighting Conditions

Marble queen thrives in medium to bright indirect lighting. However, it may tolerate low lighting. Direct sunlight is not suitable for this plant. Nice bright indirect lighting can give you an awesome looking, healthy and flourishing pothos.

Watering Marble Queen

Watering to be done after adequate time duration when the soil dried up, it generally takes 1 or 2 weeks between two watering sessions. After when the soil dry out for upper few inches, it should be watered again thoroughly. During the growing season, water should be given more often.

Feeding Marble Queen Pothos

Marble queen is an easy to care and undemanding plant breed and doesn’t have any special fertilizer requirements. Any general purpose plant fertilizer may be used in dilution with water. Once in a month is enough. It would be best if given in growing season. But this plant can do well without any fertilizer.

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Humidity Requirement

Marble queen likes a humid environment to grow. Indoor humidity also sufficient for this plant but more humid environment is preferred for better growth.

Temperature Conditions

This plant should be kept in normal room temperature at the normal humidity levels. Warm temperature helps in flourishing the pothos. Cold environment can be harmful for indoor plants like pothos.

marble queen

Is Marble Queen Pothos Poisonous?

Marble queen is mildly toxic to pets as well as humans if ingested. It may also cause skin irritation. It should be kept away from the reach of pets and kids. Keeping the plant container at a higher spot or in hanging basket is a good solution.

marble queen pothos

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Marble Queen Pothos Benefits

Marble queen pothos has many qualities which makes it your first choice under the roof. It’s refreshing and elegant beauty gives a very artistic and distinctive look to your room or table. Marble queen is also a living air purifier. It’s presence inside your room removes the toxicity in the air which helps in good health.

Marble queen pothos is very attractive looking and easy to care plant. You can plant in in a decorative pot or hanging basket which will give you a absolute distinctive view. It also grow fast without any special care, just need some trimming. Trim away diseased, damaged, discolored or dead leaves and stems.

Marble queen is also a very easy to care plant which doesn’t need any special care. You also need not to care about watering your marble queen pothos, whenever you see the soil is dried up pour enough water to make it wet, that’s it. Low lighting condition also suitable for this plant, so you can place it at any place of your choice.

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Some Facts and Tips

Marble queen pothos can also be propagated in water. Trimming this plant help it to grow faster in a balanced way. Pruning periodically keeps the plant healthy and thrive it’s beauty. Rotate the plant after regular intervals which will help the plant to grow in a balanced way.

If you are a houseplant lover then you will fall in love with marble queen pothos due to it’s glossy white & green heart shaped leaves. This isn’t all, undemanding nature and air purifying qualities of marble queen will make it your first choice. Planting it in a decorative pot gives it a very elegant look which adds distinctive beauty to your room corner, e.g., study table, bookshelf, office table, or any other indoor spot.

It is a perfect beginner friendly plant. If you are a houseplant lover but lazy enough to care the plant, marble queen pothos is the best choice for you to have in your room or on table due to above mentioned features.

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