Touch Me Not Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

Can you imagine a plant which is shy in nature and give a shy movement when touched or shaken. If you have not heard or seen about Mimosa Pudica plant, it is hard to believe such human like quality in a plant. But it is real. Mimosa Pudica commonly know as “touch me not” plant shows shy movement when you touch it or shake it.

When you touch it, it’s leaflets draw together to close and overlap one another as they are hugging the stem of the plant and after some time when the situation is normal, leaves open up in its normal position. It’s leaves also gets folded or closed after sunset which resembles that the plant is sleeping at night. Hence, it is also called as sleeping plant.

touch me not plant

This shy plant blooms with pink colored fluffy ball like flowers with green leaves that gives a shy movement whenever it’s touched by a person, animal or insect. A strong burst of wind is enough to make it move.

Because of this shy movement, touch me not plant is known and famous for this name. It’s scientific name is Mimosa Pudica. It is known for different names at different places, some of them are: shy plant, touch me not plant, Chuimui, shameplant, sensitive plant, Amourette herbe, bashful and shy lady.

Touch me not plant is a perennial blooming plant which lives year after year and is originated from South and Central America. Now it is easily available in almost all countries.

This movement, touch me not plant plant is famous for, is the way of protecting itself from danger. When you touch the Mimosa Pudica plant, it assumes some sort of danger is around and to protect itself plant leaves get close and after few minutes, it opens up again to the normal when it feels the danger is away.

How to grow Touch Me Not Plant?

Growing Mimosa Pudica plant is easy and doesn’t require any special skill or environment. Due to which, you can grow this plant inside your home or outside.

If you want to grow the mimosa pudica plant in your lawn, then you must keep in mind a few characteristics of the plant. Touch me not plant will have small size thorns in them and it may slightly harm kids playing in the garden. You too have to take proper care about the propagation and growth of the plant. You need to propagate the plant in a controlled way to help it grow and flourish properly.

It is suggested to grow the touch me not plant inside the home in containers because that way it demand least care and you don’t have to worry about the issues mentioned above. Even when the plant blooms, the container with pink pompom flowers looks very beautiful. Mimosa pudica plant is best suitable to be grown in containers indoors just like Cat Grass.

There are few basic things which needed to be kept in mind while growing the touch-me-not plant:


Touch me not plant grows easily in any type of soil but in order to have a good growing and beautifully flourishing plant, it is recommended to sow the seeds in moist, loose and well drained soil. Sow the seeds into the soil but not very deep. Just put the seeds over the soil and cover them with soil. Sowing seeds deep into the soil will make it difficult to sprout.


Enough watering is required to keep the soil moist. Before sowing the seeds in the soil, keep them in a container full of water and let the seeds soaked in the water for few hours. Warm temperature is best for this. It will help them sprouting easily. Regular watering to be done after sprouting when the Touch me not plant is growing.

Plant Container

If you are growing sensitive plants like ‘touch me not’ plant, moist and well drained soil is the best. To keep the plant container well drained, you must choose the pot with sufficient holes in its bottom so that the extra water will be drained our of the pot and over-watering will not be a problem.


An airy and sunny spot is best place to keep the mimosa pudica plant. Place the plant container near a window which used to receive direct sunlight. If you can’t find any of such place inside your home then there are artificial fluorescent lights are also available in the market which can solve your trouble.

Pests and Fertilizers

Touch me not plant can be destroyed by pests, normal pest control to be applied. Enough amount of liquid fertilizer to be used for proper growth of the plant.


When touch me not plant plant has grown and ready, propagation is an easy process to grow more plants. Propagation helps in skipping sprouting process. When the touch me not plant is mature enough, take cuttings of 4 inches (approx.) lenth and plant them in a different container. Humid and warm environment is best for plant’s growth.

Trimming of dead branches

When touch me not plant plant is fully grown and its flowers started to bloom, some branches will gets older which needed to be removed.

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What is the use of touch me not plant?

Do you know that touch me not plant have various medicinal properties also? Along with beauty, the plant is having many beneficial qualities also.


The plant leaves have antiseptic qualities. It helps to give first-aid to any wounds, you can crush the leaves of the plant and apply the juice on the on the wound. It will help to reduce the pain and heal the wound.

Kills parasites

During a scientific study, it is found out that Mimosa Pudica plant kills all kind of parasites and worms, larva or adult.

Excess urination

If someone is facing excessive urination problem and looking for some natural remedy for it, here is one. Applying the paste of the leaves on lower abdomen helps in solving excess urination problem.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

The touch-me-not plant is reported to be capable to give relief from excessive bleeding problem during menstruation. Mix the juice of plant’s leaves with honey and drink it once or twice daily.

Itching problem

Itching problem develops due to fungal infections and environmental factors. Touch me not plant can be helpful in this issue also. Applying paste of the roots of the plant is a good remedy.

Insect bites

The medicinal properties of touch-me-not plant are also beneficial in getting relief from insect bites. Applying paste of leaves and stem can help here.


The plant also have anti-venom qualities, it is reported to be helpful in cobra bites also.


Juice of the Mimosa Pudica plant is used to be helpful in the diarrhea problem. It is also useful in many other stomach and intestine related problems.

Anti fungal

Anti-fungal and anti-viral qualities of the touch me not plant are useful in various problems.

Hair loss and baldness

Touch me not plant is known to be beneficial to cure baldness and hair related problems.

Is Touch Me Not plant poisonous?

There are myths about the toxicity of the ‘touch me not’ plant. Some people say that, a plant with thorn are poisonous, some say that only seeds are not poisonous. But Mimosa Pudica is a non-toxic plant for human as well as for pets, as per the University of California & the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Why do Mimosas close when touched?

Actually, touch me not plant is highly sensitive to some parameters such as, touch, light and movement, that is why the plant leaves shrinks when they are touched or shaken. The leaves of the plant also shows this shrinking movement after the sunset.

We know that the plant and trees moves but the movement is so slow, you can’t recognize. On the other hand, Mimosa Pudica plant shows so immediate movement which can be seen easily. Due to this sudden movement, this plant generate curiosity among people and attract everyone’s attention.

Generally, it is believed that the mimosa pudica shows this movement due to its way of protecting itself. When someone or something touches the plant or it is being shaken, to the plant it seems that some sort of danger is around and it closes its leaves which opens up back to normal after a few minutes when looks danger is away.

As per scientific reports, when the touch-me-not plant is touched or shaken, certain amount of chemicals released from the plant leaves. Releasing of these chemicals reduce pressure in the leaves and stem which results in folding of leaves.

After some time, unfolding of leaves starts when the water and chemicals comes back to create pressure in leaves and stem. This unfolding process may last form few seconds to minutes.

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